Is what keeps our machines running; original parts, service and repair. Our parts are original because things work better together when they are made by the same manufacturer. It makes sense that when you need a part for your Emhart machine, you choose a part from Emhart. And our service and repair teams know the equipment better than anyone.


Original Parts

Bucher Emhart Glass maintains a portfolio of around 150,000 parts for hot end equipment, inspection machines, and refractories. Glass plants can rely on this central stock for most requirements and achieve significant savings compared to the cost of maintaining a supply at the plant level.


24/7 Emergency Assistance

For production critical emergencies our 24/7 Emergency Assistance offers you phone assistance around the clock by experienced service engineers. If necessary, we dispatch a service engineer for an urgent on-site service

Emergency number:
+41 41 749 41 41 (worldwide)
+1 860 298 73 91 (USA & Americas) Hotline


Remote Service

Remote Service gives our customers ready access via secure internet to experienced experts in equipment operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. This service can reduce operating costs, downtime and lost production by supplying immediate assistance and problem resolution.


On-Site Service

Our global base of over 50 professional service engineers offers the specialized skills in hot end and inspection to assist our customers and resolve problems.



Emhart Glass offers the world’s most comprehensive product portfolio to the glass container industry, and this service extends long after the equipment has been supplied and taken into operation, over its entire lifetime.



Our refractory craftsmen – most with at least a decade of experience – are the heart of our operation. They are supported by engineering and R&D 
professionals who emphasize innovative product development and individual customer solutions.

End to End

End to End Concept

End to End technology will power the glass plant of the future, with integrated equipment that will document, analyze, and react to data automatically to ensure product quality and optimize operation. 

Employees will be safer and more productive. And plant operations will run at peak efficiency to achieve optimum productivity and result in increased profitability.