Advanced Pneumatic Glass Container Forming

The unique parallel Mold Open and Close mechanism MOC enables more balanced cooling, improves mold equipment alignment and permits equal parison reheat. User experience shows mold wear can be reduced by up to 30%, resulting in better containers at lower cost.

The combination of an improved pneumatic system, highly efficient VertiFlow cooling, and parallel MOC motion ensures stable operation at higher cavity rates.

Market demand for containers is often unpredictable. To cope with changing requirements, the AIS machine can be converted between 6 1/4 DG and 4 1/4 TG within less than a shift. The AIS machine provides the most cost-effective way to benefit from familiar technology and comes as a standard with of Servo Electric Take Out and Invert mechanisms. For increased safety AIS is equipped with the combination of FlexIS Manual Mode and Blank side Barrier.

AIS 6 1/4" Double Gob 4 1/4" Triple Gob
Min. Height under Finish 110mm 80mm 80mm 110mm 80mm 80mm
Max. Height under Finish 347mm 300mm 295mm 304mm 285mm 285mm
Max. Body Diameter 121mm 121mm 121mm 76mm 76mm 76mm
Max. Finish Diameter 48mm 105mm 38mm 48mm 70mm 38mm


Standard Features
  • FlexIS control system
  • Servo Electric Gob Distributor
  • VertiFlow blank mold cooling, InVertiFlow blank cooling
  • Quick Change plunger mechanism
  • Quick Change accessories
  • VertiFlow blow mold cooling
  • Constant Cushion Invert & Take-Out mechanisms
  • Constant Cushion Baffle & Blowhead mechanisms (top mounted)
  • Constant Cone delivery
  • Conveyor with silent chain
  • FlexPusher
  • High/Low deadplate cooling
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Blow & Blow (BB), Press & Blow (PB), Narrow Neck Press & Blow (NNPB)
  • Center distance change DG - TG
  • FPS valve technology
  • Servo Electric Invert (SEI)
  • Servo Electric Take-Out (SETO)
  • FlexIS Manual Mode
  • Blank side Barrier
Optional Features
  • FlexPressure System (FPS)
  • Plunger Process Control (PPC) - enabling closed loop control
  • Temperature Control System (TCS) - enabling closed loop control
  • VertiFlow Assist