FleXinspect BC - gen III


A modular, configurable system

Convenience through automated settings

The FleXinspect BC Generation III is a reliable and uniquely configurable platform that easily allows inspection functionality to be added as required. All adjustments are fully motorized providing unmatched repeatability and shortest job change times giving glassmakers flexibility and value. The B side with its high-resolution cameras and special optics inspects the complete bottom area with advanced algorithms including stipple and baffle filters (also for non-round).

The C side is a Sidewall inspection machine with 6 IntelliLED (programmable LED) light sources and high-resolution cameras. Dedicated light sources for each of the symmetrical views allow the highest level of inspection available including dimensional.

When equipped with a mold reading option, the FleXinspect BC Generation III mold-correlates results.

Unmatched inspection accuracy
  • High resolution camera technology for maximum defect detection
  • Programmable long life LED illumination providing repeated, accurate results
Job portability and repeatability
  • Jobs can be programmed on one machine and automatically set on the rest of your machines
Symmetrical optical setup
  • Once a job is selected all inspection machines automatically adjust to suit that container
  • Improved repeatability and invariance to container orientation
Touch free optics
  • Sealed cameras reduce the chance of damage and the need for cleaning
  • Quick job change for new articles, fully automatic recall of previous jobs, no manual adjustments
  • Dust proof optical assemblies (cameras & lights) and air conditioned electrical enclosures
  • Cavity correlation of all defects
  • Traceability of change (who, what, when)
  • Independent belt position for tapered ware
  • 4 - Servo driven carry belts
  • Integrated 21.5” touch display
Ware Range
  • Height: 40mm-350mm up to 440mm optional
  • Body Diameter: 15mm-160mm
  • Finish Diameter: 4.5mm-120mm
Available Inspections 


  • Base Inspection
  • Base Stress
  • Sealing Surface Finish 1 (reflective light)
  • Sealing Surface Finish 1 (reflective light) with Wire Edge
  • Sealing Surface Finish 2 (incident light) 
  • Vision mold number reader in base station (heel codes and base codes – top down)
  • Smart vision mold number reader (seven segment base code – top down)


  • Sidewall 6 views
  • Dimensional 6 views
  • Sidewall low contrast / transparent (cosmetic) 6 views
  • Sidewall stress 6 views
  • Sidewall shoulder 6 views
  • Tall ware Sidewall shoulder 6 views
  • Tall ware Sidewall shoulder stress 6 views
  • Dip / thread for wide mouth (an option for all jar lines)
Typical Production Speeds
Type Production Speed Burst Speed
Beer 300-500 600
Wine 250-400 450
Baby Food 300-500 600
Non Round 100-300 N/A