Pre-Formed Insulation for Metering Orifice Rings

Preparing orifice rings for service is often a messy and time consuming ordeal.  The insulation package must be prepared and great came must be taken to ensure that voids are not left underneath the orifice ring that may lead to cracks.  In order to help ease this process, Bucher Emhart Glass now offers pre-formed insulation for its metering orifice rings.

The Pre-Form is made of bio-soluble ceramic fiber, and shaped to fit tightly inside the steel pan with a cavity ready for an orifice ring.  This significantly reduces the time needed to prepare an orifice ring for service.

 A complete orifice ring assembly with pan, pre-formed insulation, and orifice ring
 Pre-Formed Orifice Ring Insulation for a 10”/11” DG

Features & Benefits

  • Minimal preparation required to prepare orifice rings -> Facilitates faster job changes
  • The insulation does not need to be “packed” around the orifice ring -> Risk of voids underneath the orifice ring is reduced
  • Insulation residue is easily removed from the bottom of the steel pan -> Reduce the time needed to clean the steel pans for the next use
  • Pre-Form is available in Bio-Soluble materials -> Health and Safety risks to the operators are reduced compared to RCF materials

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