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Issue #5

FlexIS Remote Service - the expert at your side
FlexIS Remote Service helps you to master your powerful FlexIS controls. A FlexIS expert with extensive experience in machine operation, trouble shooting and maintenance stands virtually at your side for in-depth diagnosis, resolving issues and supervision. The automatic connection check ensures the remote connection is ready whenever needed. In many cases time consuming and costly dispatching of a service engineer can be avoided.

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Issue #4

Constant Cone Delivery Enhanced Gob Loading & flexible change of setups
Bucher Emhart Glass’ new Constant Cone Delivery technology allows for enhanced gob loading and flexible setup changes.

Now it's your turn!
Bucher Emhart Glass structured the specification of the arcuate IS machines - originated in the 1920’s - to be state of the art.

Refractory Spouts with Wear-Resistant Inserts for longer and safer lifetime
As glass container manufacturers struggle to maximize production and limit downtime, one constant that they cannot escape is the annual spout change.


Issue #3

Parts Distribution to meet customer needs

Parts supply is an essential factor in the daily operation of every glass plant to ensure uptime during the 24/7 operation. The restructuring of Bucher Emhart Glass in the last 2 year have improved the parts supply for your customers significantly.

Customer portal with EDI possibilities

Keeping the focus on long term sustainability, general improvements and customer service and satisfaction, Bucher Emhart Glass keeps improving the functions and possibilities of its Customer Portal, which now includes a Parts Shop and Catalog.


Issue #2

Out-of-Space - Choose the FleXinspect T

The FleXinspect T succeeds in combining all of the innovation and experience that Bucher Emhart Glass has accumulated over the years. Please read more about this unique inspection machine.

Tired and old - time for the FleXinspect M

Designed to be a drop in replacement machine for existing inspection lines installed throughout the world, this fully servo driven rotary machine offers users the chance to modernize the production area with a modest investment and in most cases, no needed modification to the single line conveying systems.


Issue #1

Refractory spouts with wear resistant inserts

As glass container manufacturers struggle to maximize production and limit downtime, one constant that they cannot excape is the annual spout exchange.

Preformed insulation for metering orifice rings

Preparing orifice rings for service is often a messy and time consuming ordeal. The insulation package must be prepared and great came must be taken to ensure that voids are not left underneath the orifice ring that may lead to cracks. In order to help ease this process, Bucher Emhart Glass now offers pre-formed insulation for its metering orifice rings.