Choose the FleXinspect T...

...the all-in-one configurable inspection solution

The FleXinspect T provides glass manufacturers with a complete, ‘all-in-one’ solution for their container inspections and it offers a plethora of possibilities to the operator. This flagship machine has been designed to incorporate both the inspection machine and an integrated conveyor system. And thanks to the highly innovative and unique design of the servo-driven handling devices it offers a number of significant benefits.

Being ‘all-in-one’, FleXinspect T is able to carry out the same inspection functions that previously required no less than three separate machines! This concept has not only dramatically changed the industry, but it also offers key advantages. The most obvious advantage is that it requires investment in just one machine.


A logical consequence of this is that significantly less maintenance is required. With fewer machines to maintain both maintenance and labor costs can be reduced dramatically. In addition, any potential disruption times – which previously could be caused by any one of three different machines – can be kept down to a minimum.

Another benefit is the fact that the ‘all-in-one’ concept enables the production line to win back considerable amounts of floor space. The importance of space savings offered by FleXinspect T cannot be underestimated. And we are pleased to confirm that this reduced need for space does not in any way compromise the quality of the inspection functionality which is excellent.

Thanks to a wide range of available options that can be added to complete the FleXinspect T, it is clear to see how this single machine has been able to replace multiple machines in the inspection areas of glass manufacturers. The FleXinspect T succeeds in combining all of the innovation and experience that Bucher Emhart Glass has accumulated over the years. Furthermore, the limitless potential that it offers makes us confident that it will continue to be appreciated by the market for some considerable time to come. 

For further info please visit the Application Notes TNB185