Tired and old!

Time for the FleXinspect M…

...the drop-in replacement for your mechanical inspection machine

With the recent introduction of the FleXinspect M, the newest member in the FleXinspect product family, customers now have a solution for any inspection need they may have. Designed to be a drop in replacement machine for existing inspection lines installed throughout the world, this fully servo driven rotary machine offers users the chance to modernize the production area with a modest investment and in most cases without modifications to the single line conveying systems.

More than just a multi-function check inspector, the FleXinspect M can be equipped with additional vision technologies to control the finish and base quality. Built on the FleXinspect electronics platform, this machine provides users the ability to add additional inspection elements whenever required.


Unique to the FleXinspect M, is the infeed delivery method of the machine. In normal operation, the infeed system (dual servo screw) extends over the existing single line conveyor and transports the bottles from the single line onto the integrated inspection conveyor. In this operation mode, each container is driven directly into the star wheel pocket at a 30 degree entry angle from the single line. The result is a smooth, precise container load - every time.  In the bypass mode, the infeed assembly swings away from the single line and over the inspection conveyor. This allows containers to freely pass behind the machine for those customers who need bypass capabilities. At the same time, bottles can be fed into the machine from the inspection conveyor allowing the operator to work on the inspection setup or handling.

Originally designed as a replacement machine for existing layouts, the FleXinspect M can also be the right choice if you’re replacing the entire inspection area. 

  • High speed operation for round and non round containers
  • Vision technologies for finish and base control
  • Modern electronics based on the FleXinspect platform
  • Built in bypass capabilities
  • Full servo synchronization

It is time to look at the FleXinspect M as your next rotary machine.