The right part on site at the right time

Parts supply is an essential factor in the daily operation of every glass plant to ensure uptime during the 24/7 operation. The restructuring of Bucher Emhart Glass in the last 2 years have improved the parts supply for our customers significantly.


In our warehouse in Luxemburg we have more than 4000 frequently used parts available as well as emergency parts for both your Hot End and Inspection Equipment. This does not only mean a quick reaction in emergency cases but also that we can replenish your plant stock very efficiently.

The Emergency service we offer through our hot line can be used if critical parts are required instantly. From the facility in Luxemburg we can ship 24/7 to any glass plant, or customers can even pick up their emergency parts themselves.

Since the migration in 2013 into the new warehouse in Luxemburg we are now managing 85.000 order lines per year in this facility. The proximity to our customers through an excellent transport network enables us to ship stock parts the following working day after order receipt. In Europe this means that stock parts typically arrive within 48 hours of order receipt. This enables our customer to reduce their stock as the quick replenishment is ensured. None stock parts are also consolidated through Luxemburg allowing our customers to choose between complete consolidated shipments or partial shipments for each order.


In the Bucher Emhart Glass customer portal each order can be tracked and followed from entry through pick, pack and ship. When the box is shipped and Bucher Emhart Glass in handling the transport, each shipment can be traced through a single click and the current location of the box is shown.


The Bucher Emhart Glass Parts Distribution System is state-of-the art for parts supply within the glass industry. Further, in close cooperation with our customers, we can even tailor the solutions for parts supply to fit the individual requirements better.