Customer Portal and Parts Shop and Catalog become increasingly popular

Keeping the focus on long term sustainability, general improvements and customer service and satisfaction, Bucher Emhart Glass keeps improving the functions and possibilities of its Customer Portal, which now includes a Parts Shop and Catalog. 

Customer Portal

Today, the Portal and its features are already helping to manage the daily business – from finding the right part to the follow up of an order or an invoice. Tracking of current transactions, the status of orders and payments, a structured appearance and further new applications are available which will help customers to find information in a faster and more user-friendly way. For more information please follow link:

Parts Shop and Catalog

The development of new parts, as well as the growing variety of parts and the obligation to support the legacy and installed base led to a comprehensive parts portfolio in the past. Professional knowledge and a deep search through several levels of drawings are sometimes necessary to identify the right part that meets the customer’s requirements.
Initially, at least for the standard parts portfolio, the Parts Shop and Catalog will provide a relief. Various search functions and an easy navigation through the Bucher Emhart Glass parts portfolio ensures that the customer finds the part he is looking for. Please find more information

Parts Portfolio

Bucher Emhart Glass provides the most comprehensive parts portfolio in the industry and the customers can take further advantage of the one-stop shopping service. The Customer Contact Parts (CCP) group is already present in different time zones and is creating several hundred order acknowledgements and quotations every day. As of 2015 our portfolio is available 24/7 with a second order channel, regardless in which time zone the customer is located. 

Electronic Data Interchange EDI

Furthermore, Bucher Emhart Glass started the implementation of an electronic data interchange (EDI) process. Here electronic documents such as purchase orders or invoices are exchanged electronically with the customers. This win-win implementation simplifies the administrative workload and the manual data entry on both sides massively. Increased processing speed, improved relationships and reduced costs and errors are only a few benefits of this new approach which Bucher Emhart Glass is going to implement with their customers in the near future.