Pneumatic arcuate IS machines - Now it’s your turn!

Bucher Emhart Glass structured the specification of the arcuate IS machines - originated in the 1920’s - to be state of the art.

The global arcuate IS machine trend continues in the direction of flexible 5” section frame center distances. A 5” section is capable to be rapidly equipped as a SG, DG 5”, TG 85 mm and therefore is easily adapted to expected future market changes.

This dual use flexibility is one of the main reasons for the trend. An additional QG 64 mm configuration was added and currently running under glass. As a consequence, customers, when feasible, move away from the 4 ¼ DG - 3”TG to 5” center distances.

The same trend we see with the 5 ½ DG’s (no TG available) and the 6 ¼ replaced with the dual used AIS 4 ¼ TG / 6 ¼ DG machine, featuring the unique parallel blank and blow mold open and close.


Traditional pneumatic arcuate IS machines continue to be a good match for business cases where the coming servo IS machine standard or the AIS are not yet required. 

Now it’s your turn to explore the feasibility of a 5” standard.