Agreement between Heye International and Bucher Emhart Glass opens the door for new (I4.0) products

Heye International grants Bucher Emhart Glass a royalty to its patent EP 2 114 834 B1. The EP 2 114 834 B1 patent secures the possibility to attach all production information and inspection results to an individual glass container. This is done by marking the hot glass container with a unique identifier and attaching such information to this identifier in a database. This proprietary patent opens up the way to a new range of automation solutions as it enables the full traceability of an individual container and its production information. Heye International and Bucher Emhart Glass will so far be the only companies that are able to offer such automation features as they solely own the right to use this patent and simultaneously are the only companies offering both forming and inspection equipment. Any glass plant will be able to benefit from new technologies based on this patent.