Equipment Maintenance

Good maintenance practices are a wise investment in productivity as they ensure high levels of performance and minimize unplanned downtime. Bucher Emhart Glass offers a range of services to keep our customers’ machines in top operating condition. 

Equipment Maintenance

24/7 Emergency Assistance

For production critical emergencies our 24/7 Emergency Assistance offers you phone assistance around the clock by experienced service engineers. If necessary, we dispatch a service engineer for an urgent on-site service

Emergency number:
+41 41 749 41 41 (worldwide)
+1 860 298 73 91 (USA & Americas)

Equipment Maintenance

Spare Parts & Inventory Management

The cost of holding stocks of spare parts and accessories at the plant level is a significant but often underestimated element in the lifetime costs of an IS machine. Inventory Management

Equipment Maintenance

FlexIS Remote Service

Remote Service gives our customers ready access via secure internet to experienced experts in equipment operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. This service can reduce operating costs, downtime and lost production by supplying immediate assistance and problem resolution.

FlexIS Remote Service Video

Equipment Maintenance

S-Class Program

Bucher Emhart Glass maintains the world's largest stock of parts and accessories for container glass machines, refractories and inspection equipment. S-Class Program

Equipment Maintenance

Web Shop and Customer Contact Parts

The cooperation between Bucher Emhart Glass and our customers depends greatly on efficient communications. In each sales location, the Customer Contact Parts (CCP) department is the first contact for the daily parts related business. Offering contact in the local time zone and in the local languages is an important service to support our customers in their 24 h, 7 day operations. Customer Contact Parts and Web Shop

Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance and repair kits

The highly aggressive conditions of a glass plant inevitably lead to wear on even the best-designed mechanical and electronic components. In some cases this damage can optimally be fixed by replacing the item with the latest version from the original supplier. In other cases, it makes economic and operating sense to overhaul the assembly, and restore it to as-new condition. Bucher Emhart Glass offers a repair service for a wide selection of equipment, ranging from entire gob distributors to components of the control system, to cold end inspection systems.


Parts and Services

Maintenance and Repair Kits

If you want to refurbish your equipment in-house, we offer a range of maintenance and repair kits tailored to virtually all our current and legacy machines. Each kit contains all the parts you need to restore your machine to full working order, based on two levels of refurbishment. Maintenance and Repair Kits