Bucher Emhart Glass Inspection Competency Centers

In order to accomplish the challenging task of providing regional support as a global company, Bucher Emhart Glass has located Competency Centers around the world.

The goal is to provide our customers with support "Beyond the Machine". It's imperative that the strategy is in place to support our customers in each of their respective markets. Each center consists of open-plan facilities containing the latest state-of-the-art inspection equipment, classrooms, service/technician workspace, laboratory facilities and a complete demonstration area.

These facilities can be used to demonstrate our equipment to customers, conduct hands-on training and container testing. Training can be conducted in many languages either in the Competency Centers or at the customer's site. In addition, the Competency Centers serve as a hub for local project managers, field service engineers and other regional support functions. This benefits both Bucher Emhart Glass and their customers allowing interactive continuity on a regional level while maintaining global leadership in the market. Customers do not have to send their employees across the world - they have a choice to selecet from the closest or preferred Competency Center located in St Petersburg FL USA or Leipzig, Germany.