Reliable, Flexible and Expandable

The FlexIS Process Control System is the core component that makes automation of the container forming process possible. In addition to controlling a forming machine, FlexIS is capable of fully driving all mechanisms from feeder to stacker.

Latest developments include closed loop control technology, giving real automation solutions to the glass forming process. Much more than a forming control system, FlexIS was conceived as a full process control system capable of directing all of the various events and actions required to produce high quality glass containers. The FlexIS system is designed to be the neurological control center for the glass container production process.

Reliable, flexible and expandable

The FlexIS system takes into account the closed loop control strategies that lead to considerable reductions in operator intervention and higher levels of automation. Closed loop control is now available for several applications and many more to come in the future. The system includes a simple, operator-friendly user interface with a unified look and feel that enables easy access to setup, configuration and adjustment parameters. FlexIS adds a new level to glass container process control. It is the platform for current and future innovations in process control from Bucher Emhart Glass.

The FlexIS TS-E is a scalable and expandable control system for IS and AIS machines. The FlexIS for NIS and BIS have the same design concept, running the same software but controlling more servo axes. FlexIS unifies the section, machine and ware handling controllers into a single system. The simple, three-module configuration keeps spare parts costs to a minimum. The system is capable of controlling both pneumatic and servo-electric devices. FlexIS is housed in two different cabinet layouts: one for the machine controller and ware handling controller, and one for the section controller. Communication and synchronization are via ethernet, which allows remote access and supervision via internet, if required.