Standalone Control Systems

FlexIS Standalone S4.0

Allows integration of Bucher Emhart Glass servo mechanisms on existing machines not equipped with FlexIS or possibly with timing systems from other manufacturers. Now any standalone configuration can be
realized, including pusher (860 or FlexPusher) and Servo Takeout SETO, on lines with six to twelve sections. Standalone systems are controlled via an LCD touch screen with function keys. Connectivity is via an ethernet interface. Each mechanism has a local disable switch, and there is also an overall E-stop.


  • Modular and expandable, same parts as FlexIS TS-E
  • Ethernet communication and remote access through internet
  • Available for machine upgrades


  • Simple installation
  • Specific optimized motion profiles stored on the job file
  • Simple motion profiles adjustments

We can help clients old and new to make a truly future-proof investment in state-of-the-art glass manufacturing controls. The current Bucher Emhart Glass controls portfolio fulfills all customer needs for a flexible, scalable, best fit control system that allows seamless and straightforward future expansion.