Safety features

Safety is a key issue for Bucher Emhart Glass as a supplier to the glass industry. It is important for us to develop equipment which makes work safe and provides good working conditions for our customers.

Newly developed safety features can be retrofitted on existing machines.

Safety Features

Integrated Swab Robot

The Novaxion swab robot can be installed on new or existing IS/AIS machines with FlexIS controls to swab the blank molds and neck rings.

Safety Features

Blank Side Panel

More than an operator interface - The Blank side overhead panel is designed to provide an ergonomic operator interface to the section controls. the panel is prepared for integration of lifting equipment, LED lamps, temperature and vision sensor systems.

Blank side Panel

Safety Features

Blank Side Barrier

The Blank Side Barrier BsB is an addition to Bucher Emhart Glass container forming machines that helps to provide additional safety during the forming operation.


Safety Features

Other Safety Features

Here you will find information on many other safety features that were introduced by Bucher Emhart Glass: Gob distributor guard, Override switch protection, Safety flaps, Blowhed and blow mold interlock, Conveyor ladder.