Ultimate servo-electric forming solution

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Standard Features

  • FlexIS Control System
  • Servo Electric Gob Distributor
  • Constant Cone suspended delivery system
  • Parallel Blank and Blow Mold
  • Quick Change Plunger Mechanism
  • Pneumatic Control Module (Blank and Blow Side)
  • FPS Valve Technology for Plunger up, Counter Blow and Final Blow
  • VertiFlow Blank Mold Cooling
  • Neck Ring Cooling
  • VertiFlow Blow Mold Cooling
  • VertiFlow Assist
  • High Low Dedplate Cooling
  • Automatic Lubrication System with 4 zones
  • Vacuum Assist Blow Side

Servo Electric Mechanisms for:

  • Blank Mold Open and Close MOC (2 motors)
  • Baffle Mechanism
  • Invert Mechanism
  • Blow Mold Open and Close MOC (2 motors)
  • Blowhead
  • Takeout Mechanism
  • FlexPusher

Optional Features

  • Blankside InVertiFlow Mold Cooling
  • FPS Valve Technology Final Blow
  • Vacuum Assist Blank Side
  • Integrated Ded Plate Guide Air
  • Plunger Process Control PPC (enabling closed loop control)
  • Temperature Control System TCS or BlankRadar (enabling closed loop control)
  • Lifting Device
  • Variable Center Distance Tonghead VCD TG, QG
  • Blank Side Barrier


  • Servo-electric mechanisms provide precise, repeatable motion
  • Allows for 5" triple gob production run at the same speed as double gob
  • Allows for 95mm quad gob production run at the same speed as triple gob
  • Lower, more accessible section
  • Reduced compressed air usage
  • Substantial noise reduction for a quieter work environment
  • Improved convertibility:
    -6 1/4 DG - 5" TG - 95mm QG
  • Three fixed plunger position heights