575 Dual Drive Shear

Dual Drive Shear for glass forming machines

The 575 Dual Drive Servo Shear mechanism is the latest generation of parallel shearing mechanisms developed for enhanced gob forming and for higher performances. The mechanism is designed for cutting speeds of 220 cuts per minute and higher. Two independent Linear motors allow for an optimal gob cut, minimizing the blade-to-glass contact time and giving the possibility of independent motion to each shear arm, resulting in better gob shapes, with minimal gob tilting due to the action of the shear blades. Linear motors and individual arm motion minimize drop guide disturbance to the gob drop and simplifying the setup for Multi Gob Application. The 575 Dual Drive Servo Shear allows independent control of shear arms:

  • Motion time
  • Stroke
  • Center position
  • Blade overlap
Features Benefits

Dual Drive with linear motors and independent cams

Optimal gob cutting

Cut rate up to 220 cpm and higher

Reduces gob shape deformation

Reduces gob tilting

Easier multi gob application

Modular Design

Same components for all configurations

Less maintenance cost

Less parts in stock reduces total cost of ownership

Integrated Shear Spray

Increases spray efficiency

Reduces overspray

Protects the orifice

Adjusting needles at the shear body ends increases safety during adjusting operations

Open shear frame

Improves gob drop visibility

Safer operation of mechanism swing-in/out under the glass stream

Integral part of SMARTFEEDER

Full gob control

Provides huge benefits in Multi-Gob application