570 Multi-Drive Feeder Plunger

multi drive feeder plunger

Multi-Drive feeders allows for individual control of the feeder needles. This is the basis that the Gob Control Closed Loop is able to adjust each gob individually per cavity. The Multi-Drive Feeder helps in compensating for glass inhomogeneity in the spout. The servo drives are directly driven by PPC or Gob Control, and are flexible towards cavity conversions.

Features Benefits
Individual Drives Individual drive motion compensates for glass conditioning inhomogeneity. PPC2 stepper motors removed
Independent configurable cam profile Enhanced gob shaping supersedes the need for special needles shape and mixture of different needle sizes for the different cavities. Perfect support for Multi Gob Application
Modular design Increase flexibility and low spare parts inventory
Quick change plunger chuck adapter Faster needle replacement
Integral part of SMARTFEEDER

Full gob control

Provides huge benefits in controlling gob variations (weight and length) and for an optimal approach to multi gob application