Gob Loading and Temperature for the Blank Side

The BlankRadar is a gob loading and temperature measurement system that is installed on the blank panel of the forming machine. The system consists of a camera housing which is moved along the length of the forming machine by a servo electric motor.

The BlankRadar stops in front of each section and takes a user-defined number of consecutive measurements. The camera housing is water cooled and hosts the required electronics and sensors for the temperature measurements, as well as the gob loading measurements.

The gob vision module of the BlankRadar takes automatic real-time measurements of the falling gob before it enters the blank mold. It captures the key physical entities of the gob as it is loaded:

  • Length
  • Velocity
  • Time of arrival
  • Position

With information provided from the gob vision module, the user can detect changes in the loading pattern over time, avoid loading related defects and prevent section jam ups.

The BlankRadar is also equipped with a temperature module that facilitates automatic temperature measurements in the IS machine. Temperature can be measured for:

  • Blanks
  • Neckrings
  • Plungers
  • Parisons

The temperature measurements can be used to alert the user of deviations from defined temperature levels. It provides historical data logging and it can also be used with the Blank Cooling Control and the Plunger Cooling Control for automatic adjustments.

Available with Blank Cooling Control and Plunger Cooling Control.