Temperature Control System TCS


Mold Temperature Measurement

The Temperature Control System (TCS) is a pyrometer-based system which monitors mold equipment on the blank side of the forming machine.

Mounted on a rail in the region of the blank side panel, the pyrometer is programmed to measure and display individual blank temperatures, blank temperature vertical profiles, plunger temperatures and neck ring temperatures.

  • Simple set up using integrated laser
  • Warnings and alarms for out-of-range
  • Storage of data
  • Automatic swab detection

These temperature readings give the process transparency needed to reduce blank mold, plunger and neck ring temperature variations and improve the process stability. The collected data is plotted on various graphs, and a warning is posted if any of the temperatures falls outside the predetermined limits. On new IS machines, the TCS system is fully integrated and located behind the blankside panel, without interfering with the machine operator. Field upgrades of existing IS machines is available and may require a prior installation review on site.