FleXinspect C - gen III


Sidewall inspection

The FleXinspect C is a Sidewall inspection machine with 6 IntelliLED (programmable LED) light sources and high-resolution cameras. Dedicated light sources for each of the symmetrical views allow the highest level of inspection available including dimensional. When combined with a FleXinspect B equipped with a mold reading option, the FleXinspect B and C mold-correlate results from all installed inspections.

  • Quick and fully automatic job change, no manual adjustments
  • Dust-proof encapsulation and airconditioned optical and electrical cabinets
  • Cavity correlation of all defects
  • Traceability of change (who, what, when)
  • Integrated 21.5” touch display
Standard Inspections
  • Sidewall 6 views
  • Dimensional 6 views
Additional Inspections
  • Sidewall low contrast / transparent (cosmetic) 6 views
  • Sidewall Stress 6 views
  • Sidewall shoulder 6 views
  • Tall ware Sidewall shoulder 6 views
  • Tall ware Sidewall shoulder stress 6 views
Ware Range
  • Height: 350 mm maximum, tall ware 440 mm
  • Body diameter: 160 mm maximum